First 10 units go for #SmartCity

A project log for uRADMonitor A3

A versatile IOT device designed to track 8 air parameters and map pollution, with both wired and wireless Internet connectivity

Radu MotisanRadu Motisan 07/08/2016 at 18:502 Comments

The first 10 units were assembled, tested and shipped for a first #smartcity #uradmonitor implementation. I'm happy about the way I came out with the aluminium enclosure, the end plates were designed to fit inside the main body, improving the overall look and feel.

This enclosure is not waterproofed, as it needs to have an open intake for air, and also an exhaust opening. Here are the 10 units ready to be shipped:

These first units are to be installed in public transportation in Cluj Napoca, to keep the users informed on the quality of the environment, but also, due to the chosen bus line that practically crosses the entire city, we'll get valuable data on pollution. For the end users, a simple dashboard presents the more relevant details, together with an air quality score and recommendations:

The big data analysis tool to serve the SmartCity component is currently under development. It will offer interesting insight on the correlation of pollutants (eg. PM2.5) to traffic hours, periodicity and other useful patterns.


robbie.francis wrote 07/09/2016 at 12:35 point

Great Project - Will there be a publically available dashboard / data feed?

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Radu Motisan wrote 07/15/2016 at 12:36 point

absolutely! That is currently work in progress and we'll have it soon.

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