Entry #6: UI Design, Part IV

A project log for HackADay App

HackADay needs an app... and I want to build it.

george.burrowsgeorge.burrows 05/29/2014 at 11:450 Comments

Well, I was hoping to have a lot more to add today, but the learning curve with Quartz Composer has definitely been steeper than I expected.  I've ran into an issue with the scroll patch, in that it won't let me position content where I want it... and after lots of research and troubleshooting, I've just decided to build a scroll patch on my own.  When (or if) I get it done, that will be my next post.

New update: I've got most of the custom scroll done.  There are two feedback loops that I need to fix to get this thing off the ground.  The only issue is that my wife and I  am heading to Burma without my laptop on June 5 and won't be back in Thailand until June 15.  So this project is going to be on hold for a bit.

Sorry for the delay, after getting back from Burma, I came down with a pretty bad cold, then went to Koh Tao for some diving lessons for a week, then the cold came back again. 

The first big step is going to work on the networking portion of the app.  It is absolutely critical that the app be capable of handling all of the potential pitfalls when it is downloading data from HackADay.  So my next post on this project should be discussing this project.