UART Module, Placement, and Routing

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Will LongWill Long 07/08/2016 at 17:330 Comments

A couple of things have happened since my last update.

First, I wrote a simple full duplex UART module. It's lacking interrupts so that you can communicate properly with it, but its tested and looks to be working. The code is in a separate Github repository.

I've also been working on the place and route toolchain. I started messing around with Yosys and it's really great. I'm using Yosys to emit BLIF files right now for two purposes. Since I wasn't able to get Greywolf working for placement, I prototyped a simple graph partitioner (FM algorithm) in Python. I'm in the process of moving that code into SML. I've written a partial BLIF parser in MLLex/MLYacc and it compiles using PolyML. The neat part is that I can ultimately reuse a lot of this tool for placement onto the FPGA logic elements. The repository for the tool is located here.