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pjkim00pjkim00 06/09/2016 at 23:460 Comments

I'll continue to put up interesting things as I think of them. Here are a few interesting tidbits.

Most often used post tags:

misc hacks 2327
Arduino Hacks 1792
news 1492
classic hacks 1291
robots hacks 1248
tool hacks 1200
home hacks 1024
led hacks 1024
Microcontrollers 893
Hackaday Columns 813
peripherals hacks 778
Featured 750
transportation hacks 742
slider 711
3d Printer hacks 696
hardware 661
security hacks 657
Raspberry Pi 634
digital cameras hacks 589
home entertainment hacks 587

Perhaps unsurprisingly, arduino hacks are near the top of the list.

If you look at the most prolific authors you get:

Mike Szczys 5716
Brian Benchoff 3834
Caleb Kraft 1567
Eliot 1332
James Hobson 1063
Mike Nathan 1039
Will O'Brien 805
Adam Fabio 530
Elliot Williams 405
Al Williams 401
Kristina Panos 322
Rich Bremer 290
Jakob Griffith 269
Eric Evenchick 265
Rick Osgood 225
Gerrit Coetzee 215
Marsh 213
Jeremy Cook 199
Dan Maloney 198
Bryan Cockfield 187
Kevin Dady 187
Mathieu Stephan 180
Anool Mahidharia 160
Juan Aguilar 160
Vine Veneziani 137

Plotting the number of articles per week, segregated by the top ten authors, over time gives the following picture:

You can clearly see where submitters became active and when when they stopped. Brian had a early submission somewhere in 2006 before he joined HAD. Mike Szczys was active early and then starting tailing off around 2013-- other behind the scenes activities I imagine.