PCB's arrived, BOM, and parts order.

A project log for Fiber Optic Isolated Voltage Probe

Use cheap plastic fiber optics to make a useful Isolated Voltage probe for an oscilloscope or other instrument.

BotLawsonBotLawson 07/14/2016 at 21:570 Comments

PCB's arrived a week ago, but I got swamped by work :/

The PCB's look exactly like I layed out. Can't wait to get parts and test them!

Also made a bill of materials. (and uploaded it to the "files" section) Looks like my one-off price is $70. That's a good bit higher than I was hoping. After the first channel, about $20/channel can be saved by taking advantage of the ability to stack the post-amplifier PCB. Using a cheaper PCB vendor and shrinking the pre-amp half of the PCB would also be able to save about $10/pcb. Finally, a post-amplifier made from discrete transistors or RF parts should be able to cut $5-8/board from the BOM. But I'd only attempt that if volume is large enough to justify the extra work. (and of course purchasing volume should be able to save 10-50% off whatever is left)