Picking up the Buggy

A project log for The Flux Buggy

An Electric Dune Buggy Capable of Scary Amounts of Torque

james-hobsonJames Hobson 05/25/2014 at 12:580 Comments

So we just got the dune buggy home and started taking a look at it. Let the design ideas flow!

So we weighed the car (rather crudely) by putting a bathroom scale under each tire. 

Apparently this thing weighs ~880lbs! Holy cow. 

We also started a few rough calculations based on the pre-existing gear ratios in the car.

Using the high speed gear configuration, it looks like we'll be able to hit about 111km/h ... we're going to need some seat belts! We also plan on having a low-speed, super high-torque mode, where the top speed is only 60km/h ... but you could drive up a wall with it.