Part 3: Frame and 3D Printed Parts

A project log for Automated Bartender

An Arduino/Raspberry Pi powered bartender that mixes drinks for you.

Hacker HouseHacker House 07/16/2016 at 18:310 Comments

Here's the 3rd part of our robotic bartender project.

In this video, constructed the fame for our bartender. We also got a chance to use the 3d printer to make some components for the spirit dispensers and actuators. The dispenser lever was redesigned to remove the curve so that the force from the actuator was more constant. A bracket was also made to hold the actuator on the main post.

These are some images of the mechanism being tested.

Lastly, we tested some self priming pumps to be used for dispensing mixers. We found some cheap one on amazon for about $10.00. A flow meter will be attached to measure the amount of fluid poured into the glass.