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A project log for Aerotron

Portable device to measure most commmon air pollutants: CO, CO2, O3, H2S, C6H6 and PM

mikrotronmikrotron 07/09/2016 at 14:570 Comments

Just created the repo:

It's still empty, for the code is still a mess... but stay tuned, coming soon;)

We still need to decide which MQTT lib we'll use. Adafruit's lib seems to have one mad pointer, or maybe we're just running out of memory. So we'll investigate PubSubClient too.

After checking a couple of ESP8266 libs, seems we'll have to make our own. That's a mess too - various firmware versions on various modules, supporting various AT commands. So we have to make sure that ESP firmware matches the Arduino lib. Bottom line - we'll have to include instructions to upload one specific ESP firmware to the module.