Test data on the cloud

A project log for Aerotron

Portable device to measure most commmon air pollutants: CO, CO2, O3, H2S, C6H6 and PM

tomislav-mamiTomislav Mamić 08/03/2016 at 10:060 Comments

After fiddling with Adafruit IO, Aerotron can now publish to feeds via http (though ultimately we plan to make it use MQTT). You can see example results at my temporary dashboard here. In case nothing pops up, just click the feed title and it will redirect you to a plot of whatever data is stored. There is also a download button in case you find some of it useful. Another way to get it is to change the url to jadefox/feeds/<feed you need>. The feeds are as follows:

The data you can find will consist mostly of our test runs which follow a set pattern of heat-up transient -> normal measuring conditions -> battery death. Unfortunately at present we have no means of adding annotations to the cloud, but worry not, in case we measure something interesting, we will bring it up here.