New spin.

A project log for MiniSam-Zero

Tiny sameD09 dev board. (Zero has nothing to do with arduino, the name allows other boards in this line. namely -One, & -Two coming later.)

Jeremy g.Jeremy g. 06/29/2016 at 07:210 Comments

I have fixed the issues with the current board and sent out for a new spin. This should be the final spin for this board.

Things I have managed to get working so far are USART, and working on I2C. Not having much luck on the I2C front (coding wise).

The EEPROM has been reduced to 64kbit (8Kbytes, should be plenty) to save on bom cost.

A resistor pad has been added to the cp2102 for a reset when serial coms have been activated i.e plugging in a usb cable. This will also need to be tested for reliability.

I will update the log with a parts list, and schematics soon.

The board will also be available in my Tindie store soon.

Stay healthy, stay happy, and keep hackin.