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A project log for MiniSam-Zero

Tiny sameD09 dev board. (Zero has nothing to do with arduino, the name allows other boards in this line. namely -One, & -Two coming later.)

Jeremy g.Jeremy g. 07/19/2016 at 07:580 Comments

Well I've been on a debugging spree. This will be a small update.

New library's have been added to the DEV branch in the git repo.


Sets system clocks needed for USART and I2C they both now work in tandem at 8Mhz core clock, they should work with 48Mhz and 98Mhz as well both have arithmetic baud rate equations


This only has one function in it currently a pinmuxing function to set pins to the correct states for usart, i2c, and spin


Added send string, that's about it.


This is a work in progress, it at least gets data on the lines. Now that I have the series of events figured out I will rewrite this library soon.

There are more library's as well mostly helper libraries atm.

DEV bootloader is broken.

I don't know currently what is wrong with the dev branch bootloader but some how it's broken, I'll fix this later. The master branch bootloader still works fine.

Not broken?

it would seem that my IDE is in a funny state with that project. Can't set hardware breakpoints, and it immediately goes into disassembly mode.

Other than that the bootloader still works.. I can't seem to figure out why it's grown by about 1kb.. less I'm forgetting I did something. Which may be the case..

other than that not much going on. Waiting for the new boards to get here.