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A DIY Dual Mono MC cartridge preamplifier for your record player

skrodahlskrodahl 10/10/2016 at 10:350 Comments

The noise floor on my Quant Asylum QA400 audio analyzer is too high to measure the Muffsy MC Head Amp. Fortunately, Quant Asylum themselves have the solution, use a high quality preamp to lower the noise floor:

So... Looking at the Muffsy MC Head Amp, I realized that I do indeed have a high quality preamp sitting right in front of me. :)

I grabbed one of the prototype boards, one of my old PSUs, a back panel and an enclosure and started soldering, and there's the measurement preamplifier. It will be modified by using multiturn trimpots for variable gain, but there it is. I am now able to use the Muffsy MC Head Amp to measure the Muffsy MC Head Amp!