Testing and Software Updates

A project log for SEELablet : Instrument Cluster For Laboratories

Minimal, yet powerful combination of control and measurement tools integrated with an SBC running Python based UIs for science & Engg. Expts

JithinJithin 07/17/2016 at 13:540 Comments

Users should be able to fetch the latest set of experiments with minimal technical know-how and effort.

Debian packaging is standard, and will make it to the next release (stretch) .

However, in the short term, I have a bunch of fully assembled units that need to be installed with the latest deb files

A short script that fetches them from a computer running apache on the local network

sudo apt-get remove -y libseelablet
wget $URL$LIBNAME -q --show-progress -O lib.deb 
wget $URL$APPNAME -q --show-progress -O apps.deb 

sudo gdebi --n lib.deb
rm lib.deb

sudo gdebi --n apps.deb
rm apps.deb

The version numbers are hardcoded in the filename because I haven't figured out how to use regex with wget. (target systems don't have Curl installed )

With slight modification,

this script can be used to fetch the deb files from the company website.

In order to test the individual units , some interconnects between outputs and inputs of the device must be made, and a python script handles the rest. Screenshot of the GUI: