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Low cost 3D 64 Pixel TOF camera

Frank.MuenznerFrank.Muenzner 07/06/2016 at 21:132 Comments

I get my raw TOF sensors, and i ask me if i can solder it, The pitch is 0.45 mm. I knew this sensors are small - but to see it...

Next steps are:

selecting Components

electrical and optical

PCB design ......

My question is : from where can i get cheap fixfocus glass lenses?

The type used in piCamera module could be usable if glass lenses are used.

Anyone could give me some info where i can find?


Frank.Muenzner wrote 07/11/2016 at 19:34 point

Thanks for your help.

The link to surplusshed is interesting.

For this project i want to use a standard mount because of availability and reproducibility.

Edmund  optic i knew, but as you said not for low cost.

I think i will use a classic M12 or M7 / M8 mount.

For the firts sample i will use a M12 mount lens system, from Eric's link.

Ted, I really like your 3D magnetic field scanner project, it's amazing.

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Ted Yapo wrote 07/09/2016 at 04:26 point

I've purchased cheap (surplus) lenses from these places: (some really good bargains here if you look hard enough.  Check out their "lens finder") (this used to be anchor optical surplus)

For top-quality (and top-dollar), of course, you can't beat Edmund: very expensive

The other thing you might consider is using a standard C- or CS- lens mount.  Then you could use a wide variety of lenses on your device.  Cheap CS-mount lenses are made for security cameras, and C-mount (same thread, different flange distance) used to be a 16mm movie camera standard, so old lenses are cheap on ebay.

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