Arduino Nano Sensor PCB Shield

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ZaidPirwaniZaidPirwani 07/10/2016 at 04:480 Comments

Made a shield, or sort of shield for reading all the sensors on the sides, plan is to use an Arduino Nano to read all the sensors and it would do the filtering etc needed and just keep printing out sensor values comma separated on Serial which will be then read by some other controller..

To connect all the sensors to the Arduino Nano, designed a shield for the Nano.

Total number of pins needed

This is 1 Analog and 3 Digital pins per sensor baord and I have 8, so 8 Analog pins and 24 Digital pins, Arduino Nano does not have enough Digital Pins, luckily recently I hade bought a batch of MCP23017 GPIO Multiplexer IC, which has 16 pins and also luckily Arduino Nnao has 8 Analog input pins, (unline Arduino Uno, which has only 6 analog input pins).

Same drill, a PCB was made working on my sketches and sent to Seeed Fusion PCB Service.

The Git Repo Link for the PCB Eagle files: