Assembly of new PCB

A project log for Single Chip AVR BASIC Computer

A computer running the BASIC programming language, generating composite video and reading PS/2 keyboard input using a single AVR.

DanDan 06/16/2014 at 18:481 Comment

Today I assembled one of the new PCBs and it works as expected. With this PCB, I used male pin headers for the IO pins as I personally think they look better than female pin headers (especially when cutting female pin headers down as they usually leave an untidy edge). When testing IO pins, I found pin 1 of the AVR (although mapped to a pin header) cannot be used for GPIO as it is in use by the keyboard (this is something which could be addressed in a later version of the PCB). I have also changed the main image of this project to the new PCB.


Steve Smith wrote 06/16/2014 at 21:31 point
When I have used cut down female header connectors, I (carefully) run a craft knife down the edge to cut the excess off.

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