PCB business card with LED matrix display

PCB business card design with low profile SMD LED matrix to display contact and other information

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This is a design of PCB business card with an LED matrix for display. Traditionally LED matrices are built as modules and mounted as a component. That would be thick for a business card. So, here I plan to use my charlieplexed LED matrix design from the ScrolLED watch project and put it on a business card. This matrix is built from discrete SMD LEDs and is low profile.

Another idea is to mount the CR2032 battery inside a hole in the PCB to help decrease the card thickness. This would mean having non-standard battery contacts on both sides of the PCB with a way of sliding the battery in. Need to work that part out.

Need to follow the standard business card sizes listed at this link:
For US, it is 3.5" x 2".
Also need to have chamfered corners.

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