First boot

A project log for Orange PI PC Computer

My attempt at building a usable Linux computer with the €13 Orange PI PC board

Maarten JanssenMaarten Janssen 07/20/2016 at 20:290 Comments

So I received the OPI PC. It takes a whopping 3A power supply to run. I don't have one lying around so I ordered it together with the board as well as some heatsinks as the chips tend to get really hot apparently.

When I first turned it on nothing happend. No power LED. Nothing. It turns out that you must have an SD card with a working image on it before the power LED turns on. I downloaded the Lubuntu image that you can find on the website and prepared the SD card. It booted very quickly into the login screen.

Then the first problem: my keyboard wasn't working. After trying another keyboard and a bit of frustration later I settled with logging in as guest, since that doesn't require me typing a password. The mouse was working fine. I could now explore the UI a bit and with the virtual keyboard I was able to at least do something.

The speed of the OPI isn't very impressive (at least not with the Lubuntu image). It can barely run Chromium, you can forget about playing any video and sound is a complete mess.

I decided to buy the cheapest keyboard I could find in the hope that it works and in the mean time do some work on the case.