arduIoT U1 more info.

Library manual, help, extra examples can be found at

A board that with ATmega328P, 16 Mhz, UNO Bootloader and the most common hardware.

No more wire messy Arduino™ projects. More things on board than you need? Just don't use them.

Can work as a monitor-controller, or as an IOT HUB for your next project, by using the WiFi module and the NRF24l01 to communicate with other devices in your home.

SD and EEPROM gives you more memory, that is always welcome, and the Clock can help the 'U1 Model' to work as a logger. You can publish the log file in the web using the ESP8266 WiFi. Use the thousands of examples in the internet, and stop worrying about connecting hardware.

LCD, rotary, buttons, RGB led and buzzer are all working on a single library, using only 2 pins of ATMega328P. Many examples and manual is included.

Building menus and controlling them with the rotary and buttons has been made easy, by just building an Array with your menu.

Its time to work mostly on the software side, and keep the hardware simple.