Fitting the electronics

A project log for Long zero, LiTZ wilderness protocol

Ham radio LiTZ decoder

garyGary 08/28/2016 at 17:430 Comments

I found that if I used the are around the speaker frame the electroncis would fit and not interfere with the speaker frame. I started with how to get power into the unit. Since this was a ham radio application 12v would be availalbe. Using a 12v to 5v converter and using ham radio standard power poles my power needs were covered. I added a toggle switch from my junk drawer to allow me to turn off and reset the LITZ as needed.

I drilled a hole and mounted the switch and drilled several small holes and with a file fitted the power poles into a hole. Hole ended up a little larger than I would have liked but some super glue and liberal amount of glue from the glue gun it will hold fine.