Firmware gone back to spin code

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Leap Electronics WICE-4M EPROM Emulator Reverse Engineered

forthnutterforthnutter 09/28/2020 at 13:280 Comments

I was working way with c code "simple IDE" for the propeller and notice the memory space was getting smaller and smaller until I ran out, I must of had optimise setting wrong. I did spend sometime trying work out what when wrong.

I when back to my original spin code. I will get back the c code another time.

I have build basically a spin driver to handle all parallel hardware signals, created "wice" driver handle control of the parallel driver.

The wice driver handles the writing to latches and the reading and writing of wice memory and maintains a shadow memory of all the latches and the address counter.

So far the main code is only utilising one processor and no assembly. Another processor is running serial communication.

Will look at putting parallel driver into a separate processor to get some extra speed.