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A project log for Raspberry Pi Checklist

Digital, portable, open source, and simple checklist for every day carry. Replace apps and paper for good.

dustinDustin 04/03/2019 at 03:260 Comments

Recently I've been thinking about one of my oldest projects on here. My DIY truck camper. That got me logged back into here and I remembered this project. I've made no further progress here, but I do still intend to finish it at some point. The hardware is likely to be far different than what was first available when I first came up with this idea. By the time I get around to making this thing, I bet it will be easier than ever to add some really nice features. 

The killer feature for me would be syncing Google Keep notes to it some how. I use tons of them, and having a super small device that could modify those lists would be perfect for me. Maybe have it somehow scrape the data off my notes, reformat for the small screen, then send back changes to the main note. No idea how to do that, so I'll start simple until I get around to learning programming. 

I move back to my home state in a month, and will be right down the street from a good friend who owns a prop making business, and can help me design and make the case, which is the part stopping me from getting the hardware made. I did get a really nice Dremel Platinum kit for my leather working business, so I could as easily carve the case out of a nice piece of cherry or some other hard wood. Either way I do, I now have the means to build the hardware. Once that's done, I'll have a really good excuse and reason to finally learn Python and get to programming it. Maybe I'll simply find a way to link it to a smartphone on Bluetooth or wifi and run a webserver interface on it to allow editing lists and such on it. Time will tell.

Just wanted to stop by and let everyone who's followed and liked this project know it's not dead. It's been on hold a few years while I stabilize my life and build the skills needed to bring it to life. I'll continue to design it with open source in mind, though I'll likely make a commercial version to sell through my business some day to fund future projects. Cheers!