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A project log for Raspberry Pi Checklist

Digital, portable, open source, and simple checklist for every day carry. Replace apps and paper for good.

dustinDustin 05/22/2021 at 15:260 Comments

While browsing HaD, I found this Arduino menu code. It's pretty darn similar to what I want to do for the Pi, but in C++. I could switch the hardware out for an Arduino of some sort, or I could learn from this and write my own menu in Python for the Pi. I could still use one of these checklists, and I know other people who would enjoy it. I'm almost good enough at programming to finish this project, but I have other projects to finish first. Like the custom electric water heater controller I've made for the camper. That has taught me much about programming. I'm finally at a point where I could sit down and actually get this working now, just need the time and energy. I may eventually make Arduino and ESP32 based checklists as well. I like the Pi Zero W though, as it gives a full linux computer if needed. You could use you digital organizer for software development or light tasks if needed. Not sure where I will go with this, but I'll explore it later. This is one of the very few non-essential projects I decided to keep alive due to the amount of following it's somehow gathered. People seem interested, and I am too. As my life gets more complicated, this would become more useful.