Pimoroni Pico System

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dustinDustin 11/08/2021 at 12:540 Comments

I'm typing this up on my Pi 400 in the Pidock 400. It's so nice to have a Pi powered laptop. Love this thing. It's gotten me motivated to get these projects going again.

Recently Pimoroni has released the Picosystem, which really caught my eye. I've really enjoyed the Raspberry Pi Pico since I picked some up when they first released. I actually got 4 from the very first shipment that Microcenter in Ohio got in. I gave one to my cousin to manage the power and safe shutdown, but kept the other 3 to tinker with. They went out of stock very quickly after the release, as all Pi products seem to do. I mention this story because the Pico instantly became my favorite microcontroller, and it reminded me that it's worth picking up certain things I really want as soon as they're available. I ordered a Pi Zero 2 W as soon as I heard of it, and I have one in for this project already. That will still be used at some pint in this project, but I haven't decided on the hardware for that just yet. The battery has been a problem for me. In the mean time, I've decided to order a Picosystem as soon as I can ad start developing for that. I'm weakest in the software side of things, and having a ready made system to program on will speed up development for me significantly. It's a very nice system too. Aluminum case, beautiful PCB front, plenty of buttons, great little screen, speaker, battery, and small form factor. It's nearly perfect for this project, aside from lacking a Pi Zero. It isn't something that I would tinker with for a little bit and put on a shelf either. It appears to be worthy of adding to my every day carry. I'm working on learning PyGame for other projects, so having this to work with helps me there as well. It seems to be a perfect solution to many of my problems. I'll order one of these this Friday if there are any left in stock. 

I always find myself amazed at the following this project has gained. I feel lie I've been keeping people waiting for a very long time on this one, so it feels good to make some progress, even if only in the research department. Hardware for both the Picosystem and Pi Zero versions will be ordered this Friday.Hope everyone is well and making good progress on their projects.