Raspberry Pi Shortages

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dustinDustin 07/08/2022 at 21:220 Comments

In light of short supplies and scalping, I am going to change the hardware from the Raspberry Pi Zero family of boards to the Raspberry Pi Pico family. Preferably the Pico W for it's wireless capability. As I have a few Pico boards on hand and can get more, I will build the first prototype around that. The new end goal is an all in one device built around the RP2040 chip. I haven't touched this project in a few years, but I'm getting my cousin into programming now and need some projects to work on and some way to organize my various tasks. I feel the Pico is a better option as it can still have advanced features, but is far more power efficient and responsive.

The current goals are as follows:

- RP2040 based

- Rechargeable batteries

- Easy to read display with backlight

- Physical button navigation

- Either built in SD flash, or SD card slot

- USB connectivity

There are many features that could be added in the future, but the initial prototype simply needs to hold multiple lists of tasks and allow them to be marked "Complete" or "Incomplete." Aircraft pre flight checks come to mind. I'm getting into sailing and will need a checklist system for that as well. The final hardware iteration will be ruggedized for such use cases.

I have some extra project funding this pay so I'll go order the hardware now and finally get started.