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Simple watt watt meter powered by Arduino.

Yaroslav ZhilinYaroslav Zhilin 07/31/2016 at 18:013 Comments

One thing I have not decided on is powering the arduino. I have not gotten so far as to decide on or even figure out how to power it. A couple options would be to power it from the wall, by using a power 5v power supply and sticking it in a project box. Another option is some kind of battery, which woudlnt' make a whole lot of sense. The Third option is power it from USB and plug it into my computer. The only problem i have with that is it becomes dependant on having a USB power supply. I think I may opt for the power supply option, as i could fit one either in the project box or the outlet-in-a-box i have. Decisions, decisions!


Dustin wrote 08/03/2016 at 05:41 point

Score! I'm glad to see it going so well. All of my projects are at a stand still for various reasons. lol. Both Atari projects are waiting on me to get my Atari back, while the checklist is waiting for me to get a working Raspberry Pi. Always something, man, I'll tell ya.

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Yaroslav Zhilin wrote 08/02/2016 at 23:55 point

I'm thinking i can use a wall wart power supply. I found a brand new one while cleaning my house today! Going to work on that as well as calibrating the sensor as well. 

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Dustin wrote 08/02/2016 at 06:12 point

Just tap the mains power pins bro! Take a NOT CHEAP transformer, solder the 120VAC lines to the prongs, tap into the output lines, and hide it in a project box! That's my vote anyway. lol. I say NOT CHEAP as a cheap one is more likely to fail and leave you having to replace it, as well as risking your entire circuit if it dies on you. Can't wait to see this done, will probably replicate your design as well and use it on my aquarium to see what that thing is costing me.

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