Current Status, Future, and Revision 2

A project log for Arduino Watts

Simple watt watt meter powered by Arduino.

Yaroslav ZhilinYaroslav Zhilin 09/20/2016 at 14:440 Comments

This project was kind of on hold for the moment, but with all the sudden love from the community i think it deserves an update.

I have not yet figured out power. I might devise a way to sip power from the 120v Main, so I dont have to have an extra power supply. Thinking i'll just use a 5v power supply, since it will be pretty easy to make that work.


Revision 2 of Arduino Watts is a thought now. Revision 2 will be a very similar concept and design, but with a more logical layout and design of circuitry. I wasn't extremely happy with the final layout, it became messy quickly once i had to keep adding wires into there. I was still figuring out the LCD and Arduino mini interconnects at the time of the design. I will be uploading the wiring diagram for that here shortly, keep an eye out for that.

I got a new motherboard for my computer, a pretty snazzy one at that. It has a built-in bluetooth antenna, so i'm thinking i may try to include bluetooth in this revision, or the next one for sure. Obviously i'd get it working with USB first, as a proof of concept. Then i'll implement bluetooth so i dont have *more* wires running around my pc area.

More updates to come!