Commodore A500 tower

An A500 build into a big tower case, with new backside, ATX power supply and keyboard in a new case.

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I have an expanded Commodore Amiga 500.
I modified a PC bigtower for the A500 mainboard. And built a new backside made from 2 mm thick aluminium.
I also made a keyboard connector: it’s the 15 pin DSUB connector near the standard A500 connector row.
And it has a normal hacked ATX power supply. The long IDE cables are made by me too.

If you wanna hack a bigtower case, then you have to be sure that the mainboard really fits inside:
the A500 mainboard is really big. I had to cut away some parts from the top frame inside and
the ATX power supply is now standing vertical instead of horizontal.

Ematrix turbocard: 68030 @ 50 Mhz, FPU 68882 @ 50 Mhz, 24 MB RAM, Kickstart 3.1 (Amiga OS 3.1)
for compatibility it’s switchable to a 68000 and Kickstart 1.3!

  • 1 × 40 GB harddisk (PFS3 file system)
  • 1 × CD ROM drive
  • 1 × CD burner drive
  • 1 × ZIP drive 100 MB
  • 1 × PC bigtower case

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Joe wrote 08/18/2016 at 16:33 point

Nice to of my A500 cases has sort of fallen apart, so I was curious about placing it inside another case.

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