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OpenSource 3D printable Robotic Arm

AngelLMAngelLM 10/10/2016 at 12:120 Comments

Hi everyone!

I have received some applications from Hackaday users that wanted to be part of this project. And I think that it's important to explain how to be part of this project.

In one hand, this project is completely Open Source and shared on its GitHub's repository. This mean that you can share your modifications and beeing part of this project by doing pull requests, giving feedback or helping solving issues.

In the other hand, there is the "Project Team" on Hackaday. I don't really want (and I think no one wants) to have a Team with a lot of inactive users. I think that this Team is a nice place to share opinions, test designs, test features and things like that. Obviously, the team has the labour to gather all this information and make it public too!
In this way, everyone could access to all the info and the Team members would have a place to share their progress.

And the final question: How to be a Team Member? I think the best solution is accepting the requests of the users that contribute. So, if you want to join this Team, I suggest you to go to the GitHub repository, clone it, make something nice and send a pull request!

What do you think about this?