08/16/2016 – Ordering and Starting Genuino

A project log for Automatized Hydroponic Vertical Crop

Ideally, Stablishing an underground crop based on hydroponic technology and controlled through genuino to sustain a plant storage.

Roberto Vicente RomeroRoberto Vicente Romero 08/16/2016 at 21:440 Comments

Today, the 3rd prototype seemed in place. No leaks, no drip. The plants looked well (or rather healthy enough).

Everything in order.

We ordered the material for the final structure (pipes and bends) and we started designing the Genuino flowchart.

We checked the components of everything we wanted to measure such as a pH sensor, a light sensor, a timer, a board, a screen… (All the elements used are listed in the website)

There were most of them at the lab. But, back at the day, we had many difficulties to buy a pH meter in a good quality/price relation. Eventually, we buy it locally (we have attached many links for you to follow).

Tomorrow we’ll check the functioning of every part.

This is starting to take form!

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