08/17/2016 – Results and Genuino Birth

A project log for Automatized Hydroponic Vertical Crop

Ideally, Stablishing an underground crop based on hydroponic technology and controlled through genuino to sustain a plant storage.

Roberto Vicente RomeroRoberto Vicente Romero 08/17/2016 at 18:440 Comments

Good news everyone! (Pr. Farnsworth voice)

Leaf sprouting from the third prototype

A cute tiny leaf is sprouting from one of the plants. Success!!

It’s not like we doubted the hydroponic system… But some of us were sceptical about “accidentally drowning” our own plant storage instead of sustaining it…

Today, we clarify the Genuino flowchart. Basically, for you to comprehend our messy design. (Link: ).

Also, we named our Hydroponic Genuino Controller as HGC or Happy Growing Center and we tested individually every part of it. Thus, we could verify they worked correctly.

SD card test

We didn’t take photos of every element being checked but here you can find a photo while assessing the SD card lector.

We had some difficulties while translating the default signal of the temperature sensor because it gave a very tight range of values (100º were only 70 values). We had to intensify the signal with an operational amplifier, and now a difference of 100º equals almost 1024 values.

Additionally, we prepared some acid and basic solutions at different known pHs (a range from 3 to 10). A pH difference of 1,5 units gave us a value difference of almosy 40 units with the pH sensor. We established a calibration line on genuino software.

pH tests with a multimeter

For security reasons, we later compared the results we were obtaining in the pH sensor with those given by a multimeter. Just to be sure we were doing it right.Tomorrow we’ll try to assemble all the pieces together.

Greetings from Happy Growing Center!