08/19/2016 – Ending soon...

A project log for Automatized Hydroponic Vertical Crop

Ideally, Stablishing an underground crop based on hydroponic technology and controlled through genuino to sustain a plant storage.

Roberto Vicente RomeroRoberto Vicente Romero 08/19/2016 at 17:010 Comments

Deadline is closing by.

The funnel was already printed for the time we arrived at the lab, so we put it on its place.

Printed Funnel at the end of the prototype

Today, we turned on the laser cut machine to carve the HGC's box pattern. We expected to screw the Genuino controller inside it and we'd place the box close to the tank and the prototype. Thus, environmental sensors'd be placed on the outer face of the box, next to the prototype. The water sensor'd be submerged inside the tank.

We have also set up the entire structure, provisionally supported on a rack (the support structure and the water circulating structure).

HGC's box. Almost assembled

HGC's box empty but assembled

HGC assembling process

HGC box's right side. Seeing microSD converter and relay board

On Monday we'll put everything in place!