Robotic Guide application

A project log for Tabbot

Wheeled robot with a tablet on top.

Alvaro Ferrán CifuentesAlvaro Ferrán Cifuentes 08/17/2016 at 16:530 Comments

This is the first real-world application we chose to do. As a robotic guide, Tabbot will be able to tirelessly give tour after tour around museums, or usher visitors into your office or waiting room for you.

To program the path to follow, one simply controls the robot from the RoboControl app and pushes the 'Save' button when done. This will save the trajectory into the boards EEPROM. Once connected to the computer, it will print over serial port the full formatted path variable ready to be copied to the guide sketch. There the user can add messages at key points for the tablet to read.

The reason for dividing it into two sketches is simply the memory size, in the future the EEPROM will probably be replaced by an SD card and full sentences will be able to be saved, instead of having to rely on the flash memory.

The second sketch waits until a connection is established and then goes through the path instructions, moving and talking until somebody gets in the way or the tour is done.