One wonderful application: TinyBasic on breadboard with TV/PS2 support

A project log for Minimal and self-contained ATmega1284P "mod chip"

You may see it's just a stickered chip? NO! This is totally self-contained "mod-chip"

kodera2tkodera2t 08/14/2016 at 03:220 Comments

As I announced, recently I've started to sell "Minimal and self-contained ATmega1284P "mod chip" at ( ) and here I would show one example of wonderful application of ATmega1284.

Actually this schematic is same as presented by [Dan] in several years ago, which can be found at single chip AVR basic computer, but some of the code (including several libraries) does not work at current Arduino IDE (1.6.10) and I rewrite them and released at github ( )

For PS/2 connector connection, please confirm by yourself by reliable data source. For example,this figure is wrong (5V and GND is reversed) and your keyboard may be destroyed ( actually I did break my keyboard by this connection.)

Actual operation can be found in the following movie.

Please enjoy them!