Resuming progress

A project log for Science Tricorder by Olympus Heavy Industries

A multi-mode scanner and data logger based on Adafruit Feather & Arduino

queadlunnQueadlunn 07/25/2022 at 19:403 Comments

Hello all!

I'm not dead and have gotten to pick this project back up after a long time.

My current work isn't really ready to post, I'm still getting back into the swing of Arduino stuff again. Currently I'm looking at i2c-based IO expanders to consolidate some of the I/O pins on the Feather controller, maybe to allow 8-pin control of the TFT display.

The new Tricorder is still a to-be-built, I had to scrap the main board I was working on but the sensor array is still partly assembled.

It'll probably be a while before real updates happen but I still want to make progress on this.



josh034 wrote 03/23/2023 at 00:49 point

Have you had any luck making progress? I know it can be tough.

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Matthijs wrote 07/31/2022 at 01:05 point

Looking forward to the future updates :)

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Tom Nardi wrote 07/27/2022 at 04:58 point

Very glad to see an update for this project. I've been fiddling with my own tricorder design for some time, and as it so happens, also went down the route of using an I2C I/O expander (MCP23008). In my case, it's to handle the LEDs and buttons.

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