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A project log for Science Tricorder by Olympus Heavy Industries

A multi-mode scanner and data logger based on Adafruit Feather & Arduino

queadlunnQueadlunn 08/18/2022 at 07:100 Comments

I've been doing more tinkering with this.

So, when the project paused a few years ago, I'd disassembled the old v5 Tricorder to begin building the first v6. That's where I stalled out. So for now I've reassembled the v5 with a couple different parts, gotten the code moved ahead a half-step and gotten almost everything working again. The new code's attached to the project "OHITricorder-4O.10d-forM4" and it's running with publicly up-to-date libraries.

Main hardware changes:

Main code changes are:

I've also been messing with new sensors like the MLX90640 thermal camera (24x32 thermal pixels) and the M4 is plenty fast to run it but I'll need to give it it's own scan mode I think. That sensor waiting for the other ATM sensors kinda makes it a bit rough to use. I'm also looking at how to integrate a BME680 into it, replacing the BMP280. This would add humidity and basic air quality measurement. To do this it'll likely take splitting the current BMP280+MPU9250 breakout into two boards for ATM and 9DOF. Another thing to look at later on.

I am working on the v6 body still, started a new mainboard to work on but with the heat this summer in my region, and all others :< , so that's low priority. I also plan to make a manual for the v6 (and maybe v5) as well.

I'll update again when there's enough