Eternal Testing Is Over - pisound Is Live on Indiegogo

A project log for pisound

A Sound Card + MIDI interface for Raspberry Pi computer

stuzerstuzer 03/14/2017 at 16:420 Comments

pisound has gone over 6 hardware revisions and it was fun. In the first revisions we had spent hours debugging some noise in ADC and then found that the voltage reference was not connected to the ground. Spent two week on this. But the hardest part was the last revisions where we had to make everything perfect. The result was rewarding: we ourselves started to explore the possibilities of this device. We ran a beta-testing program and the testers were excited. So time has come and this is no coincidence that we had launched our crowd funding campaign on March the 14th. Happy pi-day, guys. You can check us on Indiegogo.