Onward and upward... And, oh hay, some renders...

A project log for Digital Speedometer

A new digital dash to replace the slow inaccurate one on my cheap Chinese bike

mangus-tiranusMangus Tiranus 06/02/2017 at 17:010 Comments

Well it seems the PCB renders i previously posted arent to be... mostly because I decided to try and reintegrate the LED arrays onto the mainboard.

This would half my PCB making costs and as Im going to get my next board professionally madeI thought the issues I would have had before with low yield or pcb damages shouldnt be a problem now.

Also whats new is the speedos going to get a slightly larger and higher res LCD display. This is because it was proving incredibly hard to find a cheap 2.8 inch display that was compatible with the eve chip. They existed but were just too expensive...

Though getting a 3.2 inch display hasnt been perfect either. Again finding a display wasnt so hard. But then none came with a touch screen film. So ive managed to find one that should fit and I can manually attach it to the screen.

The PCB design is nearly complete. I need to track up the LCD board but other than that the boards done.

In the mean time ive spent some time learning Maya, as a Max artist ive been wanting to learn maya for a while and this is a perfect opportunity to mess about with it.

I made a new Cad project to fit the new board designed and imported that case to Maya, did some mesh cleaning applied some textures and churned out a few renders.

Sadly this laptop isnt really built for rendering so these take ages to render within arnold and theyre not perfect.

Anyway thought you might like to see them.