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A project log for Digital Speedometer

A new digital dash to replace the slow inaccurate one on my cheap Chinese bike

mangus-tiranusMangus Tiranus 07/23/2017 at 10:390 Comments

Ive noticed a fair few more followers recently and because of this I thought Id give an update on whats happening, so people know the projects far from dead.

Well things have slowed down because of a few issues at home... Family trouble, fun eh?

So it might be another month before theres a real hardware update on everything.

But I've been doing tons of work on the computer towards having a functioning 'attached to the motorbike' prototype final build for V1.

I had some pcbs made by easyEDA and they looked great, only trouble was I roushed it and made a few little mistakes in the design. 

Also the LCD i got was unsuitable as I couldnt find a touch panel to fit its unique aspect ratio...

So Ive now found a new display its a little larger at 3.5 inches but actually it fits better for the design.

I've been finishing up the case design in CAD (f360) with only a little bit left to do, i need to design some kind of bracket for the speedo to mount onto that connects to the bikes frame.

Ive also designed a speed sensor that fits into the casing. This is just a disk with magnets and a hall effect sensor reading the disks rotations. This gets attached to the bikes speedo drive cable that comes off the wheel.

And the other major thing, Im getting a 3d printer. Its being shipped as i type and I should get it within the next couple of weeks. Only trouble is because of the trouble at home I may not be able to go home to put it together and print out the bits.

I need to save a little to get new pcbs made as well as get all the components. But Im nearly there. Soooo sooo close. Once I got it made ill make another video update.