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A project log for diy-VT100 - A Miniature hardware terminal

Miniature VT100 with all the bells and whistles

kuldeep-singh-dhakaKuldeep Singh Dhaka 04/28/2017 at 20:210 Comments

I will take through the project licence.

Prototype Rev1



Prototype Rev2

note1: The design had issues [accidentally used non 5V tolterant pins for 5V I/O].

So, Didnt make the design public because it could be a problem for potential users.

Also, PCB making cost money and people were requesting bigger lcd (which was not possible with the current uC], so a re-design of this version was never done.

note2: USB Host stack already merged in UniCore-MX (under LGPL 3.0 or later).

Example code is also available in UniCore-MX example repo.

Firmware use the USB Host stack example code as it is (with tini-wini target specific modification].

In rev2, 90% of the time on firmware was used for writing USB Host stack from scratch.

Prototype Rev3

note3: the uC used (STM32F469V) could not be sourced [without long waiting] and was a bad idea to use it. Realized it is very hard to find and not a good sign for future.

So, this revision was dropped all together.

Prototype Rev4

We are working on this prototype.

Recently improved by-pass filter and bulk capacitor in design.

This is the version that we expect to make to users (with minor improvements ) [lets see].

Development tools

Our project use only Free/Libre/Open Source tools for all development (all revisions).

arm-none-eabi-gcc, Makefile, KiCAD, OpenOCD etc.. has been used to develop the project.


Revision 2, Revision 3 & Revision 4 uses UniCore-MX for hardware abstraction.

UniCore-MX is under LGPL 3.0 or later.


All library and rev1 code is already public.

Only the F105, F469, F767 specific firmware modification and pcb design is not publically available.

Since F105 (rev2) had design issues [re-design required], continuing F469 (rev3) is not a good idea.

This Only left us F767 (rev4) - which is eventually be made public under GPLv3+ like all our projects.

Minor issue in releasing: Few design files (1x Footprint, 1x 3D) are still not specifically released under GPLv3+ compatible licence.

Waiting-for / trying-to-contact author (s).