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A project log for ESP8266 MQTT Infrared AirCon Control

An amateur build of a monitoring and control system for the aircon in my baby's room, using an ESP8266, IR Led, JSON and MQTT protocol.

ShoeboxShoebox 11/03/2017 at 12:060 Comments

Finally I have checked in the andorid app and arduino code into github and shared. Sorry about the delay... here is the sad sad story...

Two weeks ago, I converted my code over to use JSON, and wrote an android app to send the JSON messages over MQTT. I got it working, I was very happy and thought, I will clean up the code the create a github repo and share. This is a good idea, however in the wrong order... always check into source control before you clean up the code. I made a mistake, broke my code and spend many hours last weekend trying to fix it. I hope you can learn from my mistake.

Now, I'm off to clean up the code.