Miniaturizing the thumb

A project log for TNS 1i

The idea is to create an accesible prosthetic hand that is commercially available in Colombia and doesn't use the classic string system.

Giovanni LealGiovanni Leal 10/12/2016 at 18:030 Comments

First of all we want to thank this community for showing interest on our little project and make us advance to the semifinals!

Now back to work. One of the most common comment when someone sees our hand is.... why is the thumb so huuuge? it's true and the reason is that there is the whole mechanism inside there.... but we can make it smaller, 25% smaller.

So these are the iterations that leaded to a smaller thumb. We had to change the potencio meter position and so one. Also we took the opportunity to enclose that part so the three holes that you see are for the cables and attaching to the palm.

You can see it working on the next video.

Right now we are working on the palm. It has been tricky with the new filament that we wanted so much now it's a problem, so that will be our next post.

And we will try to have the hand fully working by the next week, 10 posts and the video because we don't know maybe we could make it to the final stretch!