Correct ESP3212 Added!!!

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KiCAD component and footprint libary for ESP32 ,ESP32-WROOM, and ESP3212 modules

AVR (lordKiCAD)AVR (lordKiCAD) 09/09/2016 at 03:040 Comments

So I didn't hear back from Seeedstudio but I managed to find the actual physical dimensions of the ESP3212 module on the taobao store for Espressif systems here:

With that info I made the correct footprint and symbol for the ESP3212 module:

There we go the correct footprint! Now after all that this library is complete, components included for the ESP32 IC, ESP32-WROOM, and last but not least the ESP3212. Again these footprints are all experimental and pending testing (OSHPark ;) ) so use them at your own risk, and if you find any problems please post a comment on the page or open an issue on github!!!