A project log for Solid-state garduino with RTC & LCD!

Garduino Enclosure with Solid State Controlled Relays, Real Time Clock, and status LCD.

vwphanvwphan 03/20/2014 at 00:150 Comments

I took a little time off. It's the end of the ski season here, and between skiing with friends, and everything else, I  dealt with it as is. 

Finally I've gotten back into the coding spirit, and have added a few new features, in addition to new software.  For upgrades, I added a Real-Time Clock, and an LCD Screen.  Both were from Sparkfun.  The real time clock ensures that the time is always correct, regardless of how many times the Arduino is restarted.  The LCD screen was serial enabled, and allows me to see the status of the device at all times.

Code is still evolving, version 3 will be out shortly.