A project log for Daleklone

A robot vacuum cleaner that ex-ter-mi-nates dust.

witchdocwitchdoc 06/05/2014 at 19:550 Comments

I just did a little reformatting on the text and  added a component list. This is not actually a "components used" list but rather the stuff i think i need or already have.

What's next?

There's some nice blueprints on the net from a "Radio Times Special" magazine that was published back in 1973. Since these are for a full sized, some 1,5 meters tall, dalek i will use them as a reference only. I will determine the size of my dalek based on the parts i'm planning to use.

The size of the robot will determine the materials to use. I might be able to use the 3D printer, at least for the frame. With a low fill-in that will probably be lighter than a wooden frame. I need some guestimates about the weight before i can decide what motors to use.

Next i will have to figure out what i could use as tracks or how i could make tracks myself. I haven't decided yet wether to use tracks or wheels but i think tracks are better suited for scaling small obstacles like door sills and such. Of course these tracks, or wheels, should not be in plain view.

I'm toying around with to different ways of emptying the dustbucket. The first method i thought of was to create a hatch in the bottom of the robot and have the docking station lift the robot over a dustbin, so it just has to open it's hatch. Another, easier method might be to have a hatch on the back that slides away and use an old vacuum cleaner in the docking station that cleans out robot's innards.

I just realised that the 24 cm fan i listed with the components is way to big, the robot would have to be some 70 or 80 cm tall to fit that fan. I'm aiming for 40 to 50 cm max.