Acquisition of the Goods!

A project log for Pano Logic Zero Client G1

Documenting the internals of the first gen for hobby use

tom-verbeureTom Verbeure 04/14/2018 at 20:390 Comments

(Also published here.)

The first step has been completed: acquisition of the goods!

I mistakenly first bought a gen 2 for $10, which can't be used due to lack for free Spartan 6 license.

But today, a lot of 5 gen 1s arrived which were purchased for a whopping $45 on eBay. Here's the full family!

$9 per device is not bad, but I could have done better: there was another offer on eBay of 33 devices for the low low price of $150, though 9 of those were gen 2. Still 24 useable unit would be only $6 each.

But 5 should be sufficient to break a few and still have enough left for real projects.

The real work will have to wait until I get bored with the Color 3 work.