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lion mclionheadlion mclionhead 06/03/2019 at 20:040 Comments

Dry run option

The mane problem is there are no confirmations when git destroys data. It desperately needs a dry run, read only, or a prompt before erase like every other sane program.

Label stashes something more useful than stash@{0}

Stashes are like commits without any way to document.

Show the branch history in the log

What branch did a commit come from so we know what branch to merge into?

English translations

Reflog, rev-parse, stash, squash, fetch, pull need to be translated into standard words used by all the repo managers.

The lion kingdom made a growing list of translations for git's strange dialect of finnish.

In the continuing shortcomings of GIT, the typical workflow involves merging multiple "remote" repositories with your own, followed by a conflict.  

$ git status
rebase in progress; onto 4166110
You are currently rebasing branch 'master' on '4166110'.

Would it kill git to show what remote repository master is in & the top level of the repository of the error like Makefiles used to?