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lion-mclionheadlion mclionhead 11/26/2022 at 09:350 Comments

This is a continuation of the ASMR sound synthesizer idea.

This video implanted the idea of an ASMR generator.  Lions worked in offices with white noise generators for years.  They sounded like air conditioning even though the air was off.  There are already ASMR generators.  The mane one the goog is hitting is but it's junk.  It doesn't really have the relaxing sounds shown by the icons.  The icons have nothing to do with the sounds. is another ASMR web app is some kind of incomplete program. Is some kind of general purpose synthesizer with ASMR samples.

All the sounds are poor quality samples with lots of ambient noise rather than synthetic.  What lions envision is something purely synthetic, to achieve the maximum possible effect.  The mane sounds which work are spray painting, nail filing, female whispering.  There's not much which can be done with the human voice but synthetic machines should be doable.  The sounds would have to be randomized.

Another need is masking the noise of the 3D printer.  That's a job for white noise.

There is a hardware part to this.  There would be speakers next to the bed & some brain dead user interface on a retired phone.  The large speakers are supposed to be consumed as they get smashed.  There are various parts from bluetooth speakers & the speakers in the monitor which never get used.


Noted none of the drawing programs for tablets make brushing sounds so all these gootubers are making ASMR videos of painting on tablets without the brushing sounds they had years ago & they're not relaxing anymore.  Just a simple app which played brushing sounds from stroking gestures would be a game changer.  There's some challenge in determining if it should play a brush sound or a tap sound.