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A project log for Cordless phone RESET when off - hook & no audio

My 2018 Hackaday Open Hardware Project involves resetting a cordless phone when an elderly neighbor does not hang up

Boelens, LelandBoelens, Leland 04/27/2018 at 04:090 Comments

The Cordless Phone Reset prototype board has undergone many changes since this project began, and has just completed its last transformation with the removal of the (4) 1N4002 diodes that formed the bridge rectifier for the Audio Detector, replaced with a VM48 bridge rectifier, and the re-positioning of the resistors and zener diodes for the opto isolator with the addition of 2 modular phone jacks. Also the current sense transformer is secured to the side of a plastic box, with the 115 volt AC and Outlet inside, safe from human touch.

I will continue testing and eventually install at the neighbors house so  I will no longer have to go over and find the phone OFF HOOK again.