Cheap and Generic Smart Phone Remote

This project allows any smartphone to control any IR device using ESP8266 and 9$ CHIP computer

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Project provides a framework to allow/configure any IR device to be controlled via WiFi using three sub projects:

Android-Application to provide GUI to control IR appliance. Smart phone will contact a python-server on 9$ CHIP computer (it could be Raspberry-PI or any computer that runs python).

A python server that lsitens to Smart Phones and translates these text based commands to IR-codes based on model to ESP8266 MCU.

ESP82266 MCU to send IR control commands to IR appliance and ESP8226 also listens for HTTP-calls from a python-server for IR-commands

More information can be seen my blog
  • 1 × NodeMCU ESP8266 WiFi Chip for sending IR Commands and taking commands from Python Server
  • 1 × CHIP Computer 9$ Chip computer that runs Python Server to translate Smart phone commands & Sends IR codes ESP8266
  • 1 × IR Sender 38KHz IR sender attached to ESP8266
  • 2 × 1A 5V power supplies to Power CHIP and ESP8266

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